Introducing The Old and The New!

The Originals 2011

David Erin Wilson, John Nicholson, Pete Cassani, David Lieb, Tom Sperionis
Our first live show at Hennessey's.
Never say 'break a leg' to a band going on stage!


Round Two 2012

With the departure of Dave Lieb we bring a new member into the family John Songdahl on Keys who joins David, John, Pete and Tommy as they rock through New England!


Wait, who's that guy on Guitar?

Dave Lieb returns on guitar for a spell after Pete goes on the road, and we also welcome
Patrick Crann to The Moon Throne!


Meet The New Boss 2015

Evan Ouelette and Amy Mantis join on guitars!. Keeping John, Sven, DW and Patrick busy!


Long Live Rock!!

The Core grows stronger... Sven, John, DW, Evan and Pat continue to bring more fans into the American WHO fold!.


Who Are You??

With the detparture of co-founder John Nicholson and guitar slinger Evan Ouelette we introduce the New Song with Art Esposito on bass and David Tessier on guitar bringing in a new sound and power to The American WHO legacy!


The Boys In The Band

Bios and Anectdotes!

You know the band has been around for awhile, playing through Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire hitting the clubs Casinos and even the legendary Bike Week. But WHO are they really?

The Kids Are Alright

A bit about us

Come Meet The New Boss!

Where we started...

The American WHO began in a loft space in Woburn, above a garage that often contained illegal fireworks and a variety of things that must have 'fallen off a truck'. David Wilson and former bassist John Nicholson had met at Berklee College of Music back in the 80s when DW joined John's band Kneeling On Rice. Fast forward to 2001, John and DW founded Your Move a Yes/Genesis/Rush/Kansas cover gig and picked up multi-instrumentalist David Lieb to play keyboards.

Playing their last gig on Halloween 2009,DW, JN and DL decided it was time to stop being artsy (it didn't pay well) and made the decision to play music that people would drink beer and dance to... the beginning of AWS. They confiscated guitarist Pete Cassani (of The Peasants) and drummer Tommy with JN on Bass and DL on keyboards. DL left and we brought in Mr. John Songdahl, another Berklee kid from the 80s to play keys. Then Pete and Tommy left for different reasons and our current incredible drummer Patrick Crann joined along with a short stint with DL (remember him?) on guitar.

Keeping up? OK, DL left again and after a year long hiatus Evan Ouelette joined on guitar and stayed for about 2.5 years before leaving so he could literally spend more time with his family. JN followed suite shortly after. Enter David Tessier of providence and Art Esposito (Guitar, Bass respectively), Art left shortly thereafter replaced by Tom Reid and pesudo-voila! The American WHO was reborn!
Very long sigh...

...And things that helped!

Total Chutzpah 101%
Play it Like 'LEEDS' 82%
Pizza and Beer 65%
Copius Coffee 50%
Late Nights 41%