The Boys In The Band

Pat Crann

Pat answered the band's "Filling Moon's Shoes" advertisment and showed up without his kit, sporting only a cowbell. After giving him a shot (what else were we going to do?) we suggested he come back a second time WITH a kit and the rest as they say is history.

The Kids Are Alright

So WHO is this guy anyway?

Pat was born in Winchester, MA but raised in Slumerville... I mean Somerville MA.

Pat is something of a lifelong music fan thanks to his mom and uncle (her little brother). Legend has it that when he had his tonsils out at 3 years old, when his mother picked him me up he was singing Riders On The Storm although he wasn't supposed to be talking yet. That latter issue doesn't seem to be a problem for Pat any more ;-)

The Who represents his true passion. His uncle, also his godfather luckily let him listen to The Who Sell Out and it changed his world forever. The self-proclaimed best looking member of the band, Pat has been drumming for nearly 40 years and is a walking encyclopedia of Who bootlegs and song variations. Pat spent two years at Mass Bay Community College then left to work for the US Post Office. Pat also servered proudly as a Weekend Warrior for 6 years in the Army Reserve.

Pat lives in Woburn with his wife, son and daughter; Before joining AWS, he could be found gigging around the area bar/restaurant scene. Pat has had all his shots and he is ready for adoption

Pat is quite the drummer and we're wicked glad he joined
The American WHO Sensation and is much better with a full kit than the cowbell!